Laser Alien Mannequin Attack! Part 1

While our heroes were vacationing in New Orleans, they found that there’s no such thing as a vacation. While shopping in the Quarter, the mannequins started attacking! They broke through the glass window displays and destroyed the streets with their laser-vision, while others walked through the stores igniting racks of clothing and other displays! Nurse Awesome acted fast and tried to sedate them using her pill gun, but that didn’t phase them a bit. Shadow Man tried to reflect the laser beam back at them using a mirror but instead ended up holding a mirror with a peep-hole burnt into it.

Then, Shadow Man and Nurse Awesome decided to heard the mannequins together while Rose rides ivy to the top of the cathedral. When at the top, she crafted a net from Spanish moss and dropped it, ensnaring the mannequins! Shadow Man drives a refrigerated 18-wheeler on the scene, and Nurse Awesome borrows a bulldozer from a nearby construction site. She bulldozed the mannequin ball into the truck bed. The dark, cool environment temporarily triggers the sleep mode of the mannequins.

While rounding up the mannequins, Nurse Awesome recognized the glowing logo of a rival planet on them. This led Shadow Man to contact NASA to borrow a rocket. After his friend in DC pulled a few strings for him, and he agreed the Squad for Good would cover any damages, NASA granted his request. So, Rose and Nurse Awesome guarded the perimeter when Shadow Man dumped the truck load of mannequins into the rocket. With the coordinates set to the space jail and a call ahead to notify the warden, the trio shot the mannequins into space, where a hot, melty doom awaited them.


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