Workshop #9

Evil Scientist, Professor Windblower, is holding the weather hostage! He sends demands for chemical Miverbase to the Department of Agriculture. If his demands are not met, he will continue to cause the destruction of crops and famine across the globe! The DoA calls in the Squad for Good to stop the Professor, whose lair is an Evilwidmill in Holland.

The Squad for Good learns through MovqsgBlfIm‘s telepathy that Windblower controls the weather using devices hidden around the world, and the location of the devices. Shadow Man distracts Windblower long enough for Snoopy to create and throw a small star in Windblower’s face, temporarily blinding him. This allows Nurse Awesome to use her Pill Gun and put the Professor to sleep. While this is happening, Knight Owl gathers the satellites for Snoopy to throw into the sun with the use of his motorbike.

Professor Windblower is taken to the space jail, where he can keep Tinker company and participate in a rehabilitation program that will teach him to use his smarts for good. The DoA thanks the Squad for Good for another job well done.


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