Workshop #8

Ismo, Tone, and Shadow Man board the train to New Jersey from Portland, after dragging Ismo past all the pretty girls and reminding him that train station floors aren’t so tasty, so he should probably put his tongue back in his mouth. Suddenly, they hear excited shouts: “My left sock! Where’d it go???”. Ismo doesn’t hear a thing however, because he’s too distracted by the beautiful women and as the train begins to move, the scenery outside his window. Shadow Man can’t help but hear them, and observes that all of the passengers are only wearing right socks. Tone looks around silently, confused and a bit frightened by the commotion.

A draft across his left toes gets Ismo’s attention, and he notices that his left sock is oddly missing. Curious, Shadow Man removes his left boot and notes that his left sock is gone! Accepting that the vacationing SfG members haven’t actually started their vacation yet, Ismo uses his super strength to look under every large object in hopes of finding clues revealing… something… about this very bizarre event. Shadow Man begins gathering information from the other passengers regarding the socks, where they could have gone, and (now that people are a bit more settled and he can take in his whole environment) why there are socks quickly scooching themselves down the aisle.

While making his rounds, Shadow Man notices a pair of very familiar never sock covered feet and a vanilla aroma. It’s Skipinated! While happy to see each other, they are preoccupied with current happenings and quickly exchange greetings before parting ways. Tone stands out of the way, against a wall, still watching everyone around him and assuming that they are suffering from a mass hallucination. He refuses to check if his left sock has vacated his shoe. The train stops briefly to allow passengers to deboard. Skipinated, deciding that this was all too wierd for him and it’s the destination for the cute girl he’s spent the trip drooling over, is one of those passengers.

Shadow Man joins Ismo in the search for where the socks are heading. Shadow Man follows the socks to the baggage car. He opens the door and giant dull orange, furry toes are literally staring at him from where their toe nails should be. He exclaims: “What the- Six foot tall feet!!”. The smell of orangesicle and Dr. Pepper emminates from the aliens and fills the space. Behind these Arch Lefties is a multi-colored mountain of no longer squirming socks. Ismo, who rushed to the car after hearing Shadow Man’s cry, lifts the Lefties. This allows Shadow Man to get to the socks and gather them ALL, while silently thanking Rose for helping him develop the talent of carrying so much by always making him do the laundry.

Upon re-entering the passenger car, Shadow Man finds himself buried under 12 loads worth of cotton and polyester when he slips on an errant banana peel. While the other passengers attack the sock pile, eager to reclaim their socks, Shadow Man crawls out from under the quickly shrinking pile and scampers back to the baggage cart. Ismo is holding the Lefties hostage, preventing any of the passengers to catch sight of them. Shadow Man remembers that the toes curled at the site of his rubber boots and one scooted away from him in when he was gathering the socks and accidentally brushed his boot against it. So, he decides to give them the boot!

Shadow Man removes his boots and throws them at the Lefties, who become terrified and throw themselves out of the train window. Happy with a job well done, he puts his right boot back on, picks up his sock from the aisle on his walk back to his seat, sits and puts his left sock and boot back on just in time for their stop.


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