Workshop #8.3- More Missing Left Socks!

Boarding the train from Portland to New Jersey, Movqsgblfim, Snoopy and Captain Wonderful find that a magical force is at work stealing the left sock of the passengers! Putting their super powers together, they are able to located the super villain, who was disguised as a mild-mannered Tinker, hiding with the passengers.

Captain Wonderful locates the Tinker with his ability to read minds. Movqsgblfim uses his ability to teleport to move the Tinker out of the train and on to the back of Snoopy’s bike. Snoopy, using his ability to travel through space, takes the Tinker to the Milky Way, where there is a special prison for villains.

Once the Tinker is removed from the train, his magical powers over the passengers breaks, and the socks that disappeared magically reappear on the passengers feet. They are able to continue on their way safely to New Jersey.



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