Workshop #6.2

Ismo and break set out on a lovely train ride to Vegas. Suddenly, there was a loud crash as a UFO lands on their car. Aliens crawl in through the windows. With all of the passengers startled, no one notices at first, but when some find themselves instantly naked they knew something was definitely amiss!

Break determines that only patterned clothing is vanishing. Ismo, distracted by the shapely woman, who previously wore a paisly dress, doesn’t realize he’s standing, gawking, in a crowd wearing only his socks. Break smacks him, so he snaps out of his daydream and realizes the situation at hand. he immediately ruses towards the aliens, tackling all ten of them at once!

Ismo then carries them to their ship, where he finds and gathers the stolen clothing. While taking in the view, he notices that the tracks are busted up ahead. Break hears his exclamation about an imminent crash and tells him there’s no time for the emergency break to stop the train in time. Ismo uses his super strength and throws the UFO in front of the locamotive in a gesture that resembles someone throwing a frisbee- if only a normal strength person could throw a frisbee 423% larger than themselves with such ease!

The locomotive comes to a screeching halt, and Ismo and Break begin passing out clothing. Break ponders the minute probability of the train causing enough structural damage to the craft that it would be prevented from taking the bandits back home. She notes the green haired lady is now reunited with her paisly dress. Much to Ismo’s delight, the woman’s “thank you” came in the form of a long french kiss by the glow of the now departing flying saucer.


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