Workshop #6

  • It’s 1915, and our heroes are in the middle of nowhere. Captain Wonderful and Shadow Man paired up to stop a train robbery and the train from de-railing, while Johnny D., Leo, and Zetaman formed a seperate team for the mission.
  • Johnny D., Leo and Zetaman discovered a plot by a band of robbers to rob a train. Leo infiltrates the gang, de-moralizing the robbers with wit and beer. But, the robbers still want the cash on the train. Johnny D uses the train routes stored in his photographic memory to know when to use the switchback to change where the train goes, preventing it from derailing. Zetaman notifies Union Pacific of the plot. The law officials captured the depressed and drunk would-be robbers. To thank them, President Roosevelt gives the super hero team medals of honor!
  • Meanwhile, Taking the train to Shadow Land, Shadow Man hears bandits approaching at a fast pace. He quickly informs Captain Wonderful of the situation. Since the train is full of gold, they had to act quickly. Shadow Man with his super hearing, hears an explosion! The tracks were blown up just down the way.

Knowing that the train is about to derail, Shadow Man rushes to the front car and hits the brakes preventing an accident. The train isn’t slowing fast enough! Captain Wonderful rushes to the back of the train to get behind the bandits. He puts his spell of kindness on them, and they help slow the train in time using horses and rope. With the combined efforts of these two super heroes and the bandits, the gold is safe, the passengers live to see another day, and Shadow Man was able to complete the journey to reunite with his family in Shadow Land.


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