Workshop #5

  • Heroes were given their first mission!
    • It’s 1985. Data Death Squad Squirrels have invaded New Orleans, and are stealing all of the information! Can our heroes work together to stop the squirrels (without killing them), retrieve the stolen information, and prevent them from ever doing it again?
  • Captain Wonderful and Way Show-er Descended stopped the theft of computer information, which caused mainframes to collapse around the world and threatend to send us back to the Dark Ages! When they were called back into service to fight this immenent threat to national security Way Show-er used his telepathic abilities to send the squirrels images of stock piles of mother boards and memory sticks. This lured them to one location. When all of the squirrels were gathered, Way Show-er extracted the information and downloaded it for the Defense Ministry. Then Captain Wonderful used his spell to reverse their theiving behavior and turn them into allies. They all worked together- heroes and squirrels- to build a stronger defense against future attacks against planet Earth!
  • Shadow Man, Skipinated, Mack O’ roni, and Way Show-er Descended successfully completed the mission to! Skipinated performed Recon in his X14 jet over New Orleans, while Shadow Man tracked them on the ground. Way Sho-er used his telepathy to trick the squirrels into thinking they have more computer info to steal. Skipinated then chased them into a corrall on Bourbon St. and into a force field corrall. Of course, all of this made Skipinated’s gorilla belly growl. So, he stopped for pizza. The remaining 3 team members sprayed the squirrels with knockout gas. Then Mack implanted brain chips to get back the stolen information. After retrieving the information, the chips activated new brain patterns, causing the squirrels to behave like normal earth-squirrels. Then they were sent back to space!
  • Johnny D and Ismo had a very different approach. They used slingshots with rocks to knock out the squirrels. The squirrles were then dragged back to a house where Johnny D used water torture to retrieve the information. Afterward, Ismo used medication to knock the squirrels unconscious once again. He loaded them into his car and delivered them to a secluded island off of his homebase. This way, he can keep an eye on them to be certain they never attempt information theft again!

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