Workshop #3

  • New participants were presented with an overview of the workshop goals, and definitions of a superhero as agreed upon in prior workshops.
  • All participants were encouraged to use magazines to help fill in some character gaps. 2 found girlfriends, 2 found vehicles, 1 found a Sanctuary, 2 found detail colors, and 1 found a symbol.
  • 2 characters were created that are not heroes, but can easily be supportive characters in the group of heroes already created:
    • 1 is identical to the guy making the character, with his love of walking the city and embracing the landscape and architecture, only without the symptoms of his mental illnesses.
    • 1 captures the laid back personality of a guy, who will not be capable of ‘passing’ in normal society, in the body of a jet flying gorilla who tastes like vanilla.

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