Workshop# 17- Corruption in Boot Hill

The Squad received a frantic message from a Lawman, stating there’s a hit on him after he was cleaning up the rough and tumble town of Boot Hill on planet Buffalo-Night. Worse yet, the town’s corrupt mayor is the one, who put the hit on him! Captain Wonderful headed out of the jailhouse our heroes are using as their temporary HQ, and reads the minds of the citizens. He casts his spell, turning three of the fastest gunslingers to good.

Rose, having spotted some pink hollyrose on the trip into town, brings this to the attention to the other heroes. Captain Wonderful uses his super speed and Rose travels by tumble weed to gather the useful plant. Shadow Man stays behind in the shadows to keep an eye on the three recruits. Rose and Captain Wonderful deliver their bundles of pink hollyrose to the Builder. The Builder weatherized the jailhouse in their absence, and now sets a spitune to boil, steaming the plants. He quickly places on the lid to prevent any heroes from being exposed to the hypnotic effects of the plant. Then, he transfers the spitune to the outhouse. This is no ordinary outhouse however, the Builder included a built-in stink neutralizer “The Poofer.”
Captain Wonderful invites the newly good guys to see the Outhouse Poofer.
One by one the new recruits enter the outhouse and breathe in the hollyrose vapor. While they do this, Rose sits outside the outhouse, her soothing voice combining with the hypnotic air, convincing them to protect the lawman. With the lawman now safe, the heroes shift their attention to the mayor.

After seeing that the Mayor is alone in his office, Captain Wonderful strolls in, wiggles his toes in his boots, and says “from evil to good, so shall you turn.” The mayor, blinks rapidly and then appears to have a sudden change of heart. Now good, he calls off the lawman’s hit.

For fear the mayor will eventually revert to his corrupt ways, the heroes toss him in the Nimrod and send him to space jail.

The Lawman goes back to work, and finishes cleaning up the town. Then, a special election to put a new mayor in office is arranged.

Another job well done, Squad!


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