Workshop# 17.2- Boothill Revisited

While hanging out at Zoss Mack O’roni Donovan Loc and Break hear the Squad phone ring, and see it light the office walls blue. Loc answers the call, and is told by the Lawman Clean- Sweep that the corrupt mayor of Boot Hill placed a hit on him. Clean-Sweep claimed the hit came after he caught the bandits, who were smuggling stolen goods in trashcans.

Loc and Break quickly gather their gear, and head to the imagination chamber. They focus on transporting themselves to Boot Hill on planet Buffalo-Night. A short while later, they find themselves transported to the clock tower in the center of Boot Hill town. From there, they scout for the Lawman’s location, and spot him at the local watering hole.

They descend from the clock tower, and approach the Lawman. He expresses his need for the heroes’ help keeping himself safe. So, they take him to the local hero safe “house,” a small room hidden in the wall of the barn behind the trough.
On the way to the safe house, the Lawman told our heroes about the town hall meeting where they could find the mayor.

After ensuring Clean-Sweep’s safety, they disguise themselves as western locals and head to the candy store to attend the town hall. After the meeting, when the mayor exits through the back, where the heroes are waiting and capture him. They take him to the local jail, where they put him behind bars and question him about the corrupt goings-on.

Loc then prints up “wanted” fliers exposing the mayor as a crook, who is stealing from local businesses. The local business owners, now knowing who was stealing from them, throw the mayor out of office, run him out of town, and plan on holding elections for a new, honest mayor.

Great job team!


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