Workshop# 13

On the planet of Zodd, Zetaman goes to his regular convenience store for his usual candy bar. After returning to HQ to meet up with his hero friends and eat the tasty treat, he develops an insatiable need for more of them. Communicating with caveman-like grunts between bites, and throwing the empty wrappers at anyone daring to approach him, Zetaman causes concern to rise among the ranks.

Nurse Awesome conducts a chemical scan on the residue left in one of the candy bar wrappers. She finds it contains an unknown chemical that is not of Zodd or Earth origin, and immediately calls an all Squad emergency meeting. She announces that it is the same chemical that she identified when studying the trace chemicals from the mind-controlled mannequins the Squad previously encountered. In order to minimize the mind-control outbreak, they immediately spring to action!

Rose and Shadow Man attack the airwaves with public service announcements warning about the mind-control effects of the latest batch of candy bars. Snoopy and Captain Wonderful team up to track down the source of the chemical.

Nurse Awesome, hard at work to find a way to counter the chemical’s effects, decides that a healthy lunch might help her focus. While talking over lunch with Sidewalk Surfer, about how she wishes Zetaman would eat something healthy, she chooses to attempt getting Zetaman to eat something nutritious. So, she throws an orange at him. In his eating frenzy of candy rage, he eats the orange. A short while later, he’s wide-eyed and confused to find himself nearly completely buried under a mountain of candy bars and empty wrappers.

After sending out and recording public service announcements for all radio and television stations in the area, Rose and Shadow Man returns to HQ, where they find Awesome-T, Awesome Dude, Captain Wonderful, Nurse Awesome and a recovering Zetaman.

Awesome Dude and Rose leave HQ, and set up a recovery booth in the city center. Rose directs people to the booth, and Awesome Dude gives them orange juice and health bars.

Awesome-T, Shadow Man, Zetaman, and Nurse Awesome join forces with the Fire Department. They fill the trucks’ tanks with orange juice and spray the possibly infected masses as they drive around. Awesome-T aims an additional hose to fill the neighborhood pools too.

With everyone cured, the heroes turn their efforts to the candy factory.

At the candy factory, the Squad for Good creates a questionnaire to reveal if an employee is tainting the candy. They receive permission from the management and distribute a questionnaire to the employees. As the employees complete the questionnaire, the Squad for Good gathers all of the contaminated candy bars, put them in a probe, and launch them into Zodd’s sun.

After examining the evidence, they identify one of the employees is the mind corrupting culprit! He is the one thousand years old Zoar the Horrible, a notorious Galactic criminal with a history of poisoning food stuff. The Squad for Good detains him until the Space police arrive to arrest him. As they escort him to the space prison shuttle, Nimrod, Zoar the Horrible shouts: I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for you meddling super heroes!

Little does he know, Rose has arranged for a special meal that is waiting for the space prison’s newest cadet.




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