Workshop# 12

On August 2, 2011, the Squad for Good condensed their vision of purpose to a mission statement: The Squad for Good is a local group of heroes, who empower themselves and their community through outreach, creativity, and kindness.

Then each member present, listed actions they can take relating to each of those ways, outreach, creativity, kindness.


Rose: Visiting people, giving hugs, talking with others and sharing our stories with them

Snoopy: Helping others get rid of bedbugs, get and stay clean and sober, introduce others to people who can help them (such as sponsors)

Captain Wonderful: Be supportive of others, great others in a positive manner, get involved with others

Shadow Man: Talk with others and be compassionate, help someone carry something heavy, help encourage others

Nurse Awesome: Help people with managing money to buy their food, tell people about taking their medication every day, and telling people they should be part of a super hero team



Rose: Write a story about others and herself to share, motivate others to go outside for walks, make positive word bracelets

Snoopy: Tell my story to help others understand what I see, tell jokes

Captain Wonderful: help others discover their talents, teach others hot to talk with others, show others how to listen

Shadow Man: write a story, give a positive letter to someone, say something nice to someone, saying “hi” when passing someone on the street

Nurse Awesome: start a knitting and crocheting class, make cards for sick people at the Center, draw a picture of a place or a person, do volunteer work at Loaves and Fishes or serving meals at a church.



Rose: Smile at others, don’t lose my temper, remind myself to be positive, listen to others

Snoopy: needed to think about it more

Captain Wonderful: make others feel good about themselves, stay calm and teach patience, keep a positive attitude in the face of adversity

Shadow Man: Thank the bus driver, compliment others, offer assistance if you see someone experiencing a problem

Nurse Awesome: help people in an AA meeting move when they need help, help babysit someone’s child when they need it, hold the door open for someone.


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