Workshop #1

  • Participants identified a Super Hero as: super strong mental and physical muscles, helps others, possesses a secret identity/ costume, has an underlying theme for identity and character development, has a lair, has a mentor, lives by a strong moral code, has a weakness, and possesses a talent/ skill that is used to help others
  • Common histories: forced to leave home, loss of loved ones, ridiculed by others for being different, have mentors (3 out of 4 participants listed our staff), even if they are loners they all have a support crew, dabbled in criminal elements before choosing a better path
  • Decide basic elements of how the one main skill/ ability their character has effects their appearance, and what their overall costume/ uniform looks like (which I then drew- very, very badly).
  • Dismissed with the assignment: list ways they are like heroes, superhero-like abilities they currently possess or things they have done, abilities they want their super hero to have, and come up with a super hero name.

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