Mutations on Branchnork!

While monitoring usual interplanetary transmissions, Zetaman notices the communications from Planet Branchnorks has become gobbles. He notifies the two team members not on vacation, Break and Shadow Man, of the curious change in the Branhnorkian language. The three heroes jump into Rocket transportation and head over to check things out. Upon their arrival, they notice something a-fowl!
The once blue, 4-armed, 3-legged, amphibious, 10-glowing-antenna-eyed natives have transformed into awkward animals that are reminiscent of an earth-bound turkey. They are flapping wildly in the purple waters. Other Branchnorkians are mid-mutation and calling for help, which comes out half in their native language and half gobble.

Shadow Man’s sensitive ears detect a barely audible, high-pitched distant sound that sets his teeth on edge, like nails on a chalkboard. Zetaman and Break jump when they hear Shadow Man growl. Shadow Man explains that in the Southerly directions, a sound is being emitted that makes him very uneasy; so uneasy in fact, he returns to hid in the rocket and creates makeshift earplugs. He can still hear the sound, but barely, from behind the closed door of the rocket and his earplugs. Zetaman and Break head South and look for the sound’s source.
While in the rocket, Shadow Man scans the planet for anomalies, and finds that the tectonic plates are grinding against each other improperly. He shares this finding with his two team mates via their verbal command authorized communication system- an odd device that’s part collar and part ear bud that allows them to hear each other.

Break and Zetaman head to the coordinates provided by Shadow Man, and see mountains rapidly appearing and disappearing. Although they can’t hear the sound, they are knocked off balance by its vibrations. When Break calls in the description of the changing landscape to Shadow Man, his responses are all gobbled!
Break and Zetaman must find a way to stop the mutation!

Shadow Man, unable to verbally communicate with his team, uses his newly formed talons, to text his plan of creating a hole just outside of town to relieve the magma pressure. He theorizes that the magma pressure build up is causing the tectonic plates to emit a sound with transforming effects. After reviewing Shadow Man’s text on their snazzy new comm-glasses, Zetaman and Break approve the plan and rush back to the rocket.
Shadow Man’s mutations prevent him from flying the rocket, so Zetaman gets behind the controls and flys them out of town and hovers above a dry lake bed. Break aligns massive mirrors mounted on the side of the rocket to aim the sun’s rays in such a way that a hole is burned into the bottom of the lake bed. As soon as the hole is formed, magma begins bubbling to the surface creating a low pitched resonating hum.
Shadow Man’s feathers begin to molt and his talons begin to revert back into hands and feet. Shadow Man thanks the team for stopping his mutation and describes the new sound he hears and that the previous high pitched sound seems to be cancelled out by it. This must be what’s reversing the mutations! The heroes happily observe through their telescopes that the planet’s native inhabitants are reverting to their natural states.

Yay, team!


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