Mutant Bullfrog Men Continued

Snoopy, elected in his absence by the present heroes, will create a new planet that is specially designed to meet the bullfrog men’s needs, and provides them with enough space to roam free with just enough resources that they must develop living and getting-along skills.

The Builder runs calculations on where best to anchor the planet to prevent the universe from coming unbalanced.

Everyday Guy, with Nurse Awesome as backup, convinces the bullfrog men to board the shuttle Ooper-Duper and depart for their new home. Should they need further assistance, Everyday Guy will monitor their living conditions, rehab development, and be their general liaison.

During this time, Leo creates a stargazer filter that removes all of the contaminant from the lake. Thus, he prevents the mutation of any more bullfrogs!

Job well done, Squad!


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