Mutant Bullfrog Men

After the mind control candy bar mission, Shadow Man was approached by a mutant bullfrog man from the lake behind the candy bar factory. To determine the cause of his mutation, Rose and Nurse Awesome gathered lake water and some soil samples, and took them back to HQ. While conducting their tests, Rose determined that Stargazer attracts the chemical contaminant, gathering it all into one place. Nurse Awesome also determined the necessary treatment to prevent any further mutations of the bullfrog men. She created a super concentrated dose of the medication mixed with a mild sedative, put it in dart form, and filled the belt feed of her med-gun.

The orange juice previously used to treat the mind altering effects of the chemical contaminant has gone rancid and is attracting flies. Rose calls the vines from nearby trees to form a net over the rancid orange juice that The Builder and Shadow Man have collected in small cups and placed in a centralized spot on the stargazer plants Rose placed in the lake. Nurse Awesome takes position on the water’s edge with her dart gun at the ready.

The Builder creates a boom-a-razor to cut the vines from the edge of the treeline. After 35 of the bullfrog men are feasting on the flies, he runs from the treeline, throws the boom-a-razor and cuts the vines which traps the mutants!
Nurse Awesome takes aim, and easily sends them to dreamland.

To be continued…


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