Lizards & Insatiable Plantimals? Only on Planet Nom

After taking a month vacation, the Squad reunites at HQ! No sooner do they settle in than a spokesperson for the Crittermen of Planet Nom calls, speaking very rapidly and tripping over her tongue as she tells about the Nomians taking over the planet. They are eating everything, including the Crittermen!

Can our heroes help get these plants under control before they devour the entire planet?!?

The Squad promises to give it their best effort, and load up their ship with gear. As Zetaman gets behind the helm, Break crosses her fingers remembering how things went last time she flew with him.

Upon reaching Nom’s orbit, Zetaman makes a few rounds for the Squad to assess the situation from the skies. The planet is quickly becoming a light shade of purple! No greens, no pinks or yellows, just light purple.

Shadow Man: Holy Creepers!

Break: Hey, that’s the same color as my toenail polish!

Our heroes begin brainstorming ways to combat this issue with minimal casualties of Nomians. They decide that they need more information of the Nomians before a plan can be made. However, no one is in favor of landing.

Nurse Awesome draws the short straw of actually taking a sample from a live Nomian.
Break and Shadow Man get to work in the quarantine room, ensuring it is secure enough to contain the Nomian specimen and prevent Nurse Awesome from losing a limb.

Bundled up in protective gear, Nurse Awesome slowly enters the Q. Shadow Man offers moral support as the three foot Nomian snaps at her knees and looks a bit disappointed when it can’t penetrate her gear- well, as much as you can imagine a plant looking disappointed, you know, a bit wilty and such.
Taking a cue from Lion tamers, Nurse Awesome bravely swabs the inside of the Nomian’s “mouth.” Then she quickly drops the capsule top, securing the creature for transport back to the planet’s surface, before high tailing it out of the room. As she flees, she notes the “attack” was very similar to that of an Earth dog.

Nurse Awesome quickly gets to work in the lab. After adding a secret chemical cocktail to the swab, she examines it under a microscope and observes an enzyme that’s created after the Nomian eats. This particular enzyme allows the Nomians to reproduce when it is sprayed from their leaflimbs. She also describes the cells as making basic intelligent decisions regarding how they responded to chemicals during the testing.

Since Nurse Awesome concludes that the Nomians have some intelligence, the Squad decides it’s about time they learn about safe planting to prevent future over-reproduction. Though, with such a low sentience level, can they learn safe planting? Nope… pruning it is then.

Nurse Awesome carefully studies Nomian anatomy and determines various techniques of pruning. She teaches these to the Crittermen can co-exist with Nomians as their caretakers…. Once they’re no longer afraid of becoming dinner.

Luckily, Nurse Awesome thought to leave behind her protective gear for the Crittermen to reverse engineer in order to safely perform the prunings.

Wishing the Crittermen much luck, our heroes beam back to their ship and happily fly back to their planet where plants are plants and dogs are dogs.


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