Mannequins- Part 2

After sending the mannequins to the space jail, Shadow Man surveys the damage with Nurse Awesome and Rose searches for clues to learn how the mannequins were controlled. While digging through the rubble, Nurse Awesome tells Shadow Man about the logo she saw on the mannequins. Leo joins up with Rose and shares his theory. He believes that a squirrel, who sticks his tongue out at Leo knows. He’s going to search his mind for why the rumble-dumble squirrel sticks out his tongue then Leo will know how the mannequins controlled.

Snoopy arrives and joins the survey team in time to hear Nurse Awesome describe the logo as having ten shooting stars. Since he’s very familiar with the space jail and the inmates it houses, this logo sounds familiar but he can’t quite place it.

Rose is organizing the community members to start clean up efforts when she receives a call from Shadow Man. He’s confirmed with Nurse Awesome that a logo matching the one on the mannequins is on the wall of a dry cleaning business. Leo, Snoopy, Rose, Shadow Man, and Nurse Awesome meet up at the dry cleaners. Upon seeing the logo, Snoopy recognizes it as the sign of Junior’s Sisters, the devilish Milky Way Pirates, who are after the Universe’s candy bars!

Shadow Man decides to sit in the middle of the French Quarter guarding a mountain of candy bars. Unable to resist, Junior’s Sisters come to collect the booty. As soon as they appear, Nurse Awesome snipes them from the Cathedral window with her tranquilizer gun and Rose ties them up with Vines. On his way home, Snoopy delivers them to the space jail.

Another mission accomplished by the Squad for Good!



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