Hungry, Hungry Mowgoats

Our heroes dust off their gear for another quirky adventure!

A call from Planet Nus informs our heroes mowgoats are devouring all of the plants! They’ve tunneled under nearly all of the planet’s farms nomming all the plants from underground.

Our heroes jump in the rocket and hope Zetaman’s flying skills haven’t gotten too rusty. While en route, they discuss what can possibly be done about the 5-legged, blue, octagon shaped critters that are the troublesome mowgoats.

Break consults the onboard computer to find out more about them. Their stats are as follows:

Intelligence: equivalent to an average earth pig

Size: adult mowgoats often measure 3 foot by 1.5 feet

Weakness: light

Diet: non- discriminating herbivores

Method of communication: telepathy

Basically, we’ll be attempting to negotiate with telepathic, intelligent, mole-like goats.

Upon entering Nus’s orbit, Zetaman notices something odd about the planet, but didn’t know quite what until he felt the landing gear sink in to the ground. It would appear the mowgoats’ tunnels have depleted the molecular stability of the planet’s surface.

Using an escape hatch, we climbed out and oriented ourselves. Locals met us and explained they didn’t know how to communicate with the mowgoats but there were rumors of a mowgoat whisperer.

Zetaman and Shadow Man consult the intergalactic database and run a siphon program in order to determine the most likely hideout spot of this supposed whisperer.

Meanwhile, Break poked about our vessel looking for anything that might be useful. Only one jetpack with enough fuel was found.

They draw straws and Shadow Man wins the honor of donning the pack and making the journey. Zetaman and break wished him luck and waited nervously for his return.

Shadow Man finds the whisperer, Tim, in a cave just outside of town- a cave, which oddly still has plants around it.

With his consent, Shadow Man lassos Tim, tying them together much like tandem skydivers. They flew back to the nervous nellies atop the rocket ship.

With Tim’s help, the message “You are destroying this planet, draining all of the flora. The natives require these plants for their life source.”

Feeling ashamed and horrible about what they’ve done, the five mowgoats agree to make amends but they didn’t know what to do!

Nus is their home too and well, they get hungry and can’t go above gr4ound. Our squad contacts the planet’s best botanist and scientist, who collaborate and create cheepox, a plant that sprouts anew as soon as it’s cut.

Since only one part of the planet was all sinking-like, the Nusians and us planted cheepox all over this sector and a treaty was signed between the Nusians and mowgoats declaring that the mowgoats will only eat from this patch of the planet.

Happy to no longer be considered the nemeses of Nus, the mowgoats showed their gratitude for our help by un-sinking our ride. We then headed home to get all un-muddy-fied and eat huge bowls of salad.


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