Crafting a Mission Statement

Heroes all have their own individual goals. A mission statement is essential for helping all participants work together by clarifying the goals and purpose of the group as a whole. It helps us clearly see that we’re not just a group of individuals going our own separate ways, but we’re actually a group with an identity and purpose.

We focused our sense of priorities and goals by first having the heroes list what they want the Squad’s priorities and goals to be. Amazingly, the entire Squad agreed with each other completely when each individual stated their top priority. Those priorities are:

  • Share our stories to help others, who are also differently-abled, understand that they aren’t alone and their disabilities are not their fault.
  • To help people in our community tear down internal and external barriers or stigma against people, who are differently-abled.
  • Be a catalyst for spiritual change
  • Promote healthier habits
  • Teach others to make the right choices by living by example.
  • Listening to others, their wants and needs.

 These priorities were wonderfully summarized by Shadow Man, who said that he wants to help people understand “you have aces and kings and queens that can trump that hand (yolife dealt you) in so many ways.” The Squad members present all nodded in agreement, with a few also commenting “yeah” and “exactly.”

 Instead of being content sitting around a table in the Macdonald Center Independent Living Services lobby completing imaginary missions, the Squad decided acting on those priorities in the real world through the Campaign of Kindness will be their next move. On August 4th, the Squad will join a larger Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) group at the Macdonald Residence. Though we will continue to work on missions separately from the RAK group, the Squad agreed that the best way to make a large splash of kindness to ripple through the Portland community is to start with a larger team.


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