Campaign of Kindness

The Campaign of Kindness promotes sharing random acts of kindness (RAK) with hopes that act may start an ever-growing ripple of community building kindness.

 Individual Actions:

  • Thank the bus driver
  • Not losing your temper
  • Sharing your story with others, have a supportive conversation
  • Help someone carry something or open the door for them
  • Complement a stranger
  • Write a note of appreciation or thanks for being awesome to a friend, doctor, case manager, family member
  • Smile and say hello to people when you pass them on the street
  • Create cards with positive messages on them and give them out or leave them in waiting rooms or coffee shops for others to find
  • Let someone on the bus before you
  • Carry generic thank you cards to give out when you see someone doing a kind deed

  Group Activities:

  • Play games with the residents at the Macdonald Residence (bingo, yahtzee, connect 4, monopoly, dominoes)
  • Encourage creativity by starting a knitting/ crocheting group
  • Hand out snacks/ bag lunches to people and local businesses
  • Clean up public spaces (parks, water front)
  • Volunteer with SCRAP
  • Volunteer with the visiting program or visit with residents, who just want someone to talk to
  • Volunteer at the Oregon Food Bank
  • Motivate others during the chair exercise group at the Residence on Wednesdays at 3pm.

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