Workshop#1– 2/10/11, 1pm- duration: approx. 2 hours, 4 participants

– What was I thinking?, Super hero defined, Hey, that’s us!

Workshop #2– 2/24/11- 1pm- duration: approx. 2 hours, 5 participants

– Character development, Dr. Strange and the Zen of Recovery

Workshop #3– 3/31/11- 1pm- duration approx. 2 hours, 5 participants (2 returning, 3 new)

– Character development, personal discoveries

Workshop #4 – 4/21/2011- 1pm- duration approx. 2 hours- 9 participants (4 returning, 5 new)- 2 new super heroes

– Zetaman presents, character development

Workshop #5 – 4/28/2011- 1pm- duration approx. 2 hours- 8 participants (all returning)

– Their first mission!

Workshop #6 – 5/9/2011- 1pm- approx. 2 hours- 4 participants + Zetaman

– Mission #2

Workshop#6.2– 5/12/11, 2pm- duration: approx. 1.5 hours, 1 participant + a surprise appearance by Break

– Mission #2, Re-take: Ismo, unable to attend Workshop#6, joined up with Break to complete the mission described in Workshop#6

Workshop#7– 5/23/11, 1pm- duration: approx. 2 hours, 3 participants + Zetaman

– Meet the RLSH, character development

Workshop #8– 6/9/11, 1:15pm- duration: approx 1.75 hours, 4 participants

-Mission #3: Who is stealing all of the left socks from the passengers? Find out and get ’em back!

Workshop #8.3-6/14/11, 10:15am- duration: approx. 45 minutes, 3 participants

-Heroes unable to attend workshop #8 join their efforts to complete Mission #3!

Workshop #9-6/20/11, 12:45pm- duration: approx. 1.75 hours, 6 participants (4 returning + 2 new!)

-Nurse Awesome and Knight Owl join the SfG to help the Department of Agriculture and stop the evil weather controlling scientist!

Workshop# 10– 7/5/11, 1:05pm- duration: approx. 1 hour, 3 participants

-Rose, Shadow Man, and Nurse Awesome take on the laser-eyed alien mannequins in Part 1 of a humidity drenched mission!
-Rose begins sharing about her origin!

Workshop #11, 1pm- duration: approx. 1.25 hours, 5 participants (all returning)

-Shadow Man receives a drawing of himself as a reward for attending every workshop since the beginning
Our heroes solve the mystery of who was behind the laser-eyed mannequins
The Squad outlines their underlying mission statement
-Our heroes take on the Campaign of Kindness

Workshop# 12– 8/2/11- duration approx. 1.25 hrs, 6 participants (all returning)

Mission statement created and a RAK completed!
– Shadow Man, Captain Wonderful, Snoopy, Rose, Zetaman, and Nurse Awesome focused on the core values of the Squad for Good to create a mission statement. After deciding on a mission statement, they each listed ways that they want to convey the mission statement to others through action and community involvement. Then, everyone wrote positive messages on cards to give someone they know, and spent the remaining time brainstorming on random acts of kindness each participant can do before the next workshop. Lastly, Captain Wonderful called in Break to use her ninja-like skills to deliver one of the cards to a resident at a local low-income apartment complex.

Workshop# 13– 8/16/11- duration approx. 1.5 hrs, 9 participants (1 new, 8 returning- 2 returning from MIA status)

Awesome-T joins the Squad for Good, and following a long absence, Tone is reborn as Awesome Dude and Bullet Brain becomes Sidewalk Surfer when they rejoin the Squad for an evilly sweet mission! Following completing the mission, four of our heroes decided to participate in a random act of kindness. Captain Wonderful, Shadow Man, Rose, and Zetaman wrote positive notes to people they know. In order to conceal their identity, two of these letters were given to Break for hand delivery ninja kindness style.

Workshop# 14- 8/30/11- RAK- duration: approx. 1hr- 8 participants (6 returning, 1 returning from MIA status, 1 new)

The Builder was welcomed into the Squad for Good, and Bullet Brain returned to join the Squad making necklaces, bracelets, and an anklet with positive words on them! The jewelry was then given to a particular person by each hero, or the hero kept it as a special reminder for themselves.

Workshop# 15– 9/13/11- The Mutant Bullfrog Men- duration: approx. 1.25 hr- 4 participants (all returning)

The Builder joins the Squad for his first mission!

Workshop# 16– 9/27/11- The Mutant Bullfrog Men Continued- duration: approx. 1.25 hr- 4 participants (2 returning, 1 returning from MIA status, 1 new)

Everyday Man joins the Squad and Leo rejoins the Squad!

Workshop#16.2- 9/27/11- RAK- Letters to Troubled Youth- 4 participants

After completing the mission, the Squad wrote letters to youth served by local non-profits, who are troubled and often the victims of bullying. The Squad’s letters encouraged them to stick it out, there is help available, and that things will get better. As kids once bullied for being different, and as adults who are sometimes still the victims of bullying, these letters poured forth with great honesty and empathy.

Workshop#17– 10/11/11- duration: approx. 1.25 hrs- 4 participants

A Lawman’s life is in danger in the town of Boot Hill as he attempts to clean up the small town on planet Buffalo-Night! Can our heroes save him and prevent the town from returning to its corrupt ways?

Workshop# 17.2– 10/17/11- duration: approx. 1.5 hrs- 2 participants

Break and Mack O’roni Donovan Loc revisit 10/11’s mission. Can the duo save Lawman Clean-Sweep?

Mission#18– duration: approx. 1 hr- 3 participants (all returning)

The inhabitants of planet Branchnorks are transforming into turkeys! Can our heroes get there in time to stop the mutation and reverse it? Does one of our awesome heroes start mutating into a turkey himself? Click on the link to find out!

Mission# 18.2- 11/14/11- Duration: approx. 1 hr- 2 participants (returning)

A team of scientists on Branchborks contact the Squad for Good with concerns about the native species; they are mutating into Earth Turkeys! With most of the Squad attending to other missions, Captain Wonderful and Break must take the case as a super duo!

After months of observations and botanists from the Branchnorkings science team testing new vegetation samples against previously tested samples, they find something very odd about one of them. They inform Captain Wonderful of this oddity, and dispatch him to obtain a sample of the plant. He uses his super speed to deliver the sample to a lab on Earth.

The lab on Earth finds a protein in the sample, which is known to cause mutations in certain species. The sample’s isolated problematic protein is given to Captain Wonderful, who delivers it to Branchnorkian scientists. They verify the protein is definitively the cause.

After reviewing the case file and scientific research, Break approaches the local authorities. She gets their okay to introduce Numunazine in to their sprinkler system. This compound bonds with the protein, resulting in highly nutritious plant food for the Branchnorkings, and reverses the mutation. Nurse Awesome would be so proud!

Mission# 19– 12/6/11- duration: approx. 1.25 hours – 4 participants (all returning)

The Green Giggles have infected the Stardustians! Can our heroes determine the cause and eradicate the virus?

Mission# 20– 1/17/12- duration: approx. 1.25 hours- 5 participants (all returning)

After arriving to compete with the Spacearoos on planet Marpis, our heroes find walking a bit too difficult. Can they return the planet’s gravity back to normal?

Mission# 21– 3/13/12- duration: approx 1 hr- 3 participants (all returning)

The goo covered planet Zarcon is getting super chilled which slows the Zarconians because the goo converters in their 19 foot by 5 foot bellies are freezing too! Can our heroes save their red, 13 eyed, 24 armed 7 legged friends?

Mission# 22: Venus Latex Liquid Shadows- 7/3/12- duration: approx 1.75 hrs- 2 participants (all returning)

Plant Turbine’s terra-formed ground has become latex-like! Can our heroes transform it back to its cotton candy-like natural state?

Mission# 23: Planet Sweet Tooth’s Temporary Cavity- 7/16/12- duration: approx 1 hr- 3 participants (all returning)

The fluffy cloud-like surface of Planet Sweet Tooth has become frozen and all pointy, trapping the natives where they stand! Can our heroes determine the cause, and save the universe from a cotton candy drought?

Mission# 24: Pruning for Safe Planting- 9/11/12- duration: approx 1.25 hr- 4 participants (all returning)

The year is 3027, and the planet of Nom is being dominated by one foot to 8 foot tall plants called Nomians. Since Nomians eat Crittermen, their species is ripe for extinction if the Nomians don’t quit breeding!

Mission# 25: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things- 9/25/12- duration: approx 1 hr- 5 participants (4 returning and 1 surprise guest)

While returning home from their last mission, our heroes get a mayday call! Squidpi babies are zooming around in space looking for things to blow up! They’re just cruising around, staring then blinking their big red eyes and BOOM! Luckily, it’s usually asteroids. Even so, this doesn’t seem to make the Planet Harvesters very happy.

Mission# 26: Hungry, Hungry Mowgoats- 2/26/13- duration approx. 1 hr- 3 active participants (all returning), 1 unknown contributor

The mowgoats’ appetites are causing the planet Nus to cave in on itself! Can our heroes help the Nusians gain stable ground AND satiate the mowgoats?

Mission# 27: Catpire Crisis- 4/23/13- duration approx. 1.25 hrs- 3 active participants (all returning)

Our heroes received a call from Vladicon V’s magistrate, who is all kinds of panic! Catpires are taking over the skies and shattering cities using all they can find as scratching posts, buildings, streets, furniture, and everything else they can sink their claws in to. Deserts are becoming litter boxes. The air is heavy with the high pitched hissing, which is much too much for the native vampires to bear.
Can our heroes keep these powerful catpires from further over-breeding? Can they prevent Vladicon V from being clawed apart?


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