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Cards for Smiles

Today’s random act of kindness involved 4 fabulous individuals, 1 hour, and a table of blank cards stacked high.

Together, these awesome crafters created 5 cards for specific individuals and 17 cards for random strangers.

Each card contained a positive message meant to inspire at least a smile on the face of the recipients.

As Break, Shadow Man, and Zetaman delivered cards around Portland Oregon’s Old Town Chinatown neighborhood, that’s exactly what happened!




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A RAK Mission in 20-minutes

On March 12th, Shadow Man, Break, Snoopy and Zetaman embarked on a glorious day of playing in the dirt for a good cause!

The Squad decided to join the Isedinites’ celebration of planting day. Planting day was established to help maintain the atmosphere and food supply, also known as the “Festival of Isedious.”
On their lovely two-sun planet Ised in the galaxy of Dusnmo, we planted 52-acres of vines bearing a light brown, heart-shaped, fruit. Each vine was attached to lines running between two poles. In less than an earth month, the vines would zigzag their way between the poles, resembling something like a volleyball net.

After the planting, everyone celebrated with games and listening to live music performed by Ewuuk. Zetaman was none too thrilled with the music choice, so be busied himself with games of badminton and plain-runner shoes.

Meanwhile, Shadow Man practiced his not so subtle dance moves in front of the stage, grooving his heart out with a large sample of the locals.
Break was happily jumping in to piles of leaves and giggling with the younger Isedinites, not paying any mind to … well… anything that didn’t involve goofy, uncoordinated fun.
Once the festivities died down, and our heroes helped clean up, they happily but tiredly boarded the rocket for home.


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