Awesome Dude

Status: MIA
Lair: SW Portland apartment

Appearance: Average guy, just like the guy who created him.

Attitude/ Personality:
Highly respectful of women
Retired Hippy

Attitude/ Personality:
Just walks around town admiring the landscapes and architecture without experiencing the urges to clean up the city’s trash (literal) or experiencing hallucinations.
Laid back, and just wants to get through life content and unscathed with 10 fingers and 10 toes


My Story

I went to public school where I learned English, not grammar. I graduated high school in Clackamas, but didn’t learn anything other than hunter safety when the school changed to pass/fail instead of grades in the 70’s I discovered that I needed more structure.

I went on to community college when I was 18 with the help of BEOG state grants and work study programs. I started by studying drafting, but thought to myself: What am I doing in drafting? That’s for smart people. So, I went to the skill center and tried out a few other things, but nothing worked out. Eventually I started going to therapy, taking medication, and went in to landscaping. While working in landscaping, I learned turf management, pesticides, and plant identification.

When I was 20-30 years old, I found that working at temp agencies would be the most fun because of the camaraderie, but also thought it to be very dangerous because of large machinery just as the “widow maker.”

From the time I was 30-40 years old, I was still working, going to therapy, and taking medication. At some point, I lost my temper and started tearing apart the ground with a pick axe at work, a short while later, I found myself in the Oregon State Hospital’s psychiatric unit. During my stay there, I was able to recharge my batteries and start taking a therapeutic kind and dose of medications.

At the age of 45, I started collecting social security benefits and have been partying ever since. I live the life a cut above a schizophrenic and enjoy taking walks and observe the world around me, especially the landscapes.



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