Snoopy Star Creator

Status: Active Duty
Origin: When he was a young boy, a falling star hit him. Shortly thereafter, Snoopy started to feel a little different from the other kids.

Characteristics: From Alpha Centauri, 4.3 light years from Earth on the edge of the Milky Way, Snoopy enjoyed two suns and riding his motorbike through space. The motor bike has black and white indicators of coordinates that can be seen glowing on the bike’s underside when he pops a wheelie.
He wears a black bandana on his head, black pleather vest and jacket to protect him from the cold, a white t-shirt, black cargo-style pants, black riding boots with decorative brass buckles, and goggles with various filters he can easily bend into view. Since he can only see on the IR spectrum, the filters allow him to see in other light emitted in other frequencies.

Alter Ego Job: Chemist, specializing in rebuilding destroyed planets and making space stuff

Super Powers:Super agility and making stars

Super Weapon: Stars

Super Enemies: Dope peddlers

Super Hero Friends: a feral kitty, his girlfriend- Linnette, and his girlfriend’s cat- Scotty


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