Rose to Normal

Rose’s Homecoming

After coming home, Rose sat in her favorite chair, put her feet up, and found a kitty jumping into her lap welcoming her back. Shadow Man prepared an awesome stir fry welcome home dinner for her. Now relaxed, full and back together, the two could finally get a good night’s sleep.

Six days later, they’d be introduced to the third member of their family- Sadie. A small, adorable calico, who was sent to the Humane Society after her rescue from the home of an animal hoarder. As soon as she entered their lives, Sadie discovered a life filled with affection and playful times with her new humans.

Returning Life to Normal

Five months later, on July 10th, 2012, Donna Williams called for Shadow Man wishing to discuss the issues those who are differently-abled face. Donna spoke with Rose and Shadow Man spoke about how differently-abled people interact with the world around them in a way that most of society is accustomed. This interaction necessitates a high ability to adapt to everyday life in a way that often doesn’t get the credit this talent is due. Instead, they face ridicule, bullied, name calling, and the mixed stare of disgust and fear from strangers.

Some members of society jump in to help, underestimate the ability differently-abled people have to care and provide for themselves. Shadow Man appreciates the kindness others are attempting to show through their actions, but says: If we needed help, we’d ask for it, but thank you. Listeners called in to “Issues After Dark” on RMG radio, thanking Rose and Shadow Man for enlightening them to the unacknowledged, everyday struggles faced by those with different abilities, how the listeners learned to help without being accidentally condescending.



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