Life Without Rose

Not too long after their radio interview, Shadow Man escorted Rose to the airport. She was going to Baton Rouge, LA to visit with family. Shadow man stayed behind in Portland, and cared for Samuel their companion kitty.

With a few days left of visiting family, Rose slipped at her brother’s house breaking her ankle. Shadow Man was understandably upset when she called and told him since he couldn’t be there to care for her. Rose spent those days being pushed around in a rolling chair.  During that time, Shadow Man made calls and tracked down a bone specialist, who Rose could see the day after her return.

Due to the severity of the break and delayed treatment, the specialist determined that she needed emergency surgery to re-set the bone. She would stay in the hospital for a week. Then, Shadow Man got the news that he would once again be without his darling, Rose. Since she needed intensive physical therapy and 2 additional surgeries, Rose was transferred to a long term physical rehabilitation facility where she remained for the nearly three months.

Shadow Man, alone in their apartment with Samuel, found Rose’s absence bittersweet. The freedom of pseudo-bachelorhood was countered by the pain of living without his longtime love. During those three months, Shadow Man became depressed and vegetative. He stopped volunteering, shaving, and caring for himself in general. Samuel, without his female human, became super anxious. This resulted in his decorating the carpet 4-5 times each day and he stopped eating.

Most days, Shadow Man made the trip to visit Rose and eat lunch with her. On occasion, Samuel would accompany him. Both New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day were spent with the two eating a special dinner  in her room at the facility.

After Rose’s third surgery, Shadow Man hoped she would soon be home. A few weeks after the surgery, Rose’s discharge date was set. A fire might as well have been set under Shadow Man when he found out! He cleaned the apartment, shaved, cooked a nice dinner (and celebrated the fact that Samuel’s stomach would be settled) in preparation of her homecoming.

After Rose’s return, Samuel still refused to eat. Shadow Man took Samuel to the vet, where he stayed for a night and began eating a slight amount, but the damage was done. Their companion kitty of 9-years died of a heart attack.

But this story isn’t over, click here.


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