Shadow Man

Status: Active Duty
Sanctuary: Cave on Oregon Coast, “Shellden”

Appearance: White human male wearing a mask resembling a Bovey dog over all but from his mouth down, which funnels sounds down to his ears, wears goggles, and jeans tucked into boots, black long sleeved protective shirt and black neoprene gloves, and a blue belt with a shell buckle.

Symbol/ Trademark: Spiral sea shell on belt buckle

Companion:Tabby cat

Fear of snakes and alligators

Grew up in foster care
Death of parents

Self Control

Personality/ Attitude:
Lurks in the shadows only appearing from ‘no where’ to help when needed then vanishes again- Hides in the shadows because it helps keep the mystery of his identity and keeps things interesting
Listens to others and helps them understand themselves because he wants to ‘pay-it-forward’ after someone was there for him by lending a shoulder/ ear during his rough home-life in 1979/1980.

Butler in the Cave, who is like his uncle


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