Mack O’roni Donovan Loc

Status: MIA
Lair: Somewhere in Bangkok

Appearance: Short red hair, long sleeved blue unitard with a gold lightening bolt down the chest that lights up in the dark, blue baseball cap with a glowing nebula sphere, and black boots.

Symbol/ Trademark: Werewolf appears over his shoulder when his conscience is speaking to him

Good with the ladies

(Perceived) Weaknesses:
Economically Poor
Fear of scorpions

Attitude/ Personality:
Driven to earn everyone’s respect by earning the key to the city
Waits until the last minute to help, giving them the change to take care of their problems independently

Hero’s Mission: Since he can’t have his own kids, he has an over whelming paternal instinct driving him to defend the weak, show them the way, teach them right from wrong.


Hates: Drug dealers

Mentor: Copper Loc- best friend, who met in the park through a friend.


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