Johnny Drifter

Status: Retired
Lair: Woods, first in Death Valley until they were destroyed and then on Mt. Diablo

Appearance: brown hood that’s always up over a baseball cap hiding his face, jean shorts held up by a supply belt holding a knife and rope, barefoot, average build, white human male

Symbol/ Trademark: Boomerang with initials “JD” carved in its curve, and he keeps it tucked in his belt.

Ridiculed in his youth for being different, too smart
Forced to leave home
Death of a father- his hero figure

Mentor: Mom

Sharp shooting
Navigating vast waters at high speeds

Super high IQ with photographic memory
Listening to others

Takes everything literally
Color Blind- blue/purple, gold/yellow

Fear of disappointing loved ones, especially parental figures
Fear of being laughed at

Personality/ Attitude:
Gives short, simple responses to questions
People watcher in parks from a hidden spot
Secretive of a past filled with misdeeds
Somehow he finds himself always getting in physical confrontations because they know he’s smarter than they are. This causes him to drift from one place to the next


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