Status:Active Duty
Lair: Venice Beach, Vegas

Appearance: Dark blue/purple sunglasses and a bright blue baseball cap mask his identity, yellow hair, wears rings on both hands, navy swim trunks, really tan skin, large muscular build, lime green swim trunks a few rings, and a bright red muscle shirt, white, human male, copper belt and running shoes.

Symbol/ Trademark: image of Aviator sunglasses on the front of his muscle shirt

Companion: Sunglasses wearing German-Shepherd

Vehicle: ‘Suped up all terrain rescue vehicle, part race car and part ambulance

Weakness: Women

Forced to leave home
Death of his mother, when he was 8

Skills: Puzzle solving (mass transit systems)
Super physical strength
Works out his muscles on the beach, while watching for crime

Attitude/ Personality:
Laid back
Loves the ladies, a flirt

Hero’s Mentor: JFK


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