Status: Free Agent- Break appears when she’s needed and blends into the crowd when she’s not.

Lair: Just outside of the city, but is often found blending in with various crowds within the inner city, especially skid row

Appearance:Short purple hair, large tattoos of gears, black cargo pants tucked into black boots, a geared monocle that allows her to see the details of what she’s soldering, utility belt and leg holster that holds a variety of useful items including a sling shot that’s tucked into it. Though you’d think the hair and tattoos would make her stand out, she seems to blend in with the walls rarely noticed.

Special Weapon: A slingshot and marbles

Skills: She quickly assesses the probability and possibilities in situations and changes something mundane to create the best possible outcome. The world is her Rube Goldberg machine.

Attitude/ Personality: A former victim and witness to too many crimes, she decided to tip the scales from behind the scenes. Determined to balance the good and bad she observes in her community, Break is either a loud advocate or an unseen force in direct services.

Weakness: Monkeys, platypuses, and blinky lights

Loves: Gears, cogs, making things, thwarting evil do-ers

Hates: Pastel colors, loud noises, and wet socks


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