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Celebrating the Rise of Superwomen –


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Cards for Smiles

Today’s random act of kindness involved 4 fabulous individuals, 1 hour, and a table of blank cards stacked high.

Together, these awesome crafters created 5 cards for specific individuals and 17 cards for random strangers.

Each card contained a positive message meant to inspire at least a smile on the face of the recipients.

As Break, Shadow Man, and Zetaman delivered cards around Portland Oregon’s Old Town Chinatown neighborhood, that’s exactly what happened!



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Catpire Crisis!

Our heroes received a call from Vladicon V’s magistrate, who is all kinds of panic! Catpires are taking over the skies and shattering cities using all they can find as scratching posts, buildings, streets, furniture, and everything else they can sink their claws in to. Deserts are becoming litter boxes. The air is heavy with the high pitched hissing, which is much too much for the native vampires to bear.

Can our heroes keep these powerful catpires from further over-breeding? Can they prevent Vladicon V from being clawed apart?

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Honorary Squad for Good Member of the Week- Mike Hill

“A Louisiana police officer has gone above and beyond the call of duty by making a mentally disabled and autistic boy’s dream come true.”

Hill went out of his way to welcome Blaize in to the larger social community that many take for granted. For sharing his compassion, time, energy, and effort, he is an everyday hero and hereby nominated as this week’s honorary member of the Squad for Good.

Read more about this story here:
Louisiana Police Officer Makes Mentally Disabled Teen’s Dream Come True

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Waiter refuses to serve customers who insulted special needs child

Michael Garcia is an everyday hero and now an honorary member of the Squad for Good for his awesome stance against able-ists!

Waiter stands up for special needs child by refusing to serve another group of customers who insulted him | Video |

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January 24, 2013 · 20:14

Happy Times

On November 15, 2012, Shadow Man sat down once again to share.

Shadow Man jots down his thoughts at one of the DETC workshops.

The following is a small window in to his journey towards a better life:

One year ago, nearly to the date, Rose began her 3-month stay in a physical rehabilitation facility. Her absence from home, especially during the holidays, quickly sent Shadow Man spiraling into a deep depression.

However, edging in on Rose’s 2nd month away, just in time for Christmas, Shadow Man suddenly realized that maybe- just maybe- instead of gaining a sense of self from others’ needs, he needed to focus on his own needs and take care of himself.

Cleaning the house was overwhelming and he needed help completing tasks; he recognized that. However, there were things he could do on his own, be it cleaning or making himself smile. He seized those warm fuzzy thoughts and feelings, enabling himself to figure out the steps he needed to take to better care for his emotional, spiritual, and physical selves. Wait, who am I kidding, that was the first time he could remember even taking time to identify his needs in those areas.

He spoke with his doctor about improving his physical health, and made an appointment to speak with a nutritionist. Walking and exercising became a regular part of his daily schedule. Not to ignore his emotional and spiritual needs, he began meeting with a pastoral coordinator once a week. 

There weren’t unicorns in the end, but Shadow Man did see his world brighter. As his thoughts decided to play nice and get in line, he found himself surrounded by silver linings.


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This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things!

On our heroes’ twenty-fifth mission, they learn to make asparagus soup and put 13-tentacled, purple grainy skinned, red-eyed Squidpi in time out.

While returning home from their last mission, our heroes get a mayday call! The Planet Harvesters are not very happy with the havoc the Squidpi babies are causing. Without a care, they are zooming around in space looking for things to blow up! Just staring then blinking their big red eyes and BOOM! Asteroid confetti.

Asteroid collision
Image credit goes to:

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