Comics Continue and a Mission is Completed!

On July 3rd, 2012, our heroes continued depicting their stories with artistic flare! This task began just after we last spoke, and looks to continue for a while longer.

Sidewalk Surfer drew wings of gold and strength which he believes everyone possesses. Prior to rolling away, he shared that this gathering taught him a lot, such as how hydrogen combines with oxygen for water.

Shadow Man continued detailing his origin story, dividing written statements among the pre-made comic blocks. After weighing in on his approach with Break, he intends to complete the boxes with images of his journey.

Leo the Lopper Venus Man assembled a collage about Cat. When asked to provide more detail, Leo responded that she is: independent, self-reliant, and sneaky, very, very sneaky- in a passive way though. You see, all the cat does is get the mouse when the mouse is looking the other way for food. The purpose of the Cat is for survival.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Not content with simply sitting and telling their tales, Leo and Shadow Man decide to answer the Squad’s blinking blue phone and tackle a mission!


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