Mission 21: Zarcon Goo Snow Cones

The heroes’ team of scientists, floating on Zarcon’s surface, monitors the temperature of the fragile planet’s core. Any changes in the temperature can have extreme consequences to the strong yet fragile bond between the amphibious Zarconians and their environment. Suddenly, the surface levels are getting drastically low! The Climate Station’s Chief Director on Zarcon contacts our heroes, informing them that there’s been a drastic change in Zarcon’s environment!

Captain Wonderful wonders, “How has a planet and its inhabitants lasted so long yet be so fragile?” Not wanting anything to happen to their hero spa that is planet Zarcon’s surface, our heroes are quick to act.

They jump in to the spaceship and head out. En route, Captain Wonderful uses his telepathy and speaks with several leading members of their society. He is able to gather enough clues that indicate someone is drilling a hole in to the core with a laser, which is causing the goo levels to plummet. When the goo leaks in to the core it is causes the core to cool. Since the core heats the surface goo, the liquid surface of the planet freezes. This causes rotation of the planet to slow.

Our heroes track the laser to its source to find that an alien race developed a laser capable of penetrating the goo. They aren’t too surprised since this is something space trolls are known to do.

Since ice is infinitely easier for them to ship the 5 light years to the wormhole then through the wormhole and a few light years to their planet than water, the goo-through laser just makes sense. Why all the ice? To help satisfy their never-ending craving for snow cones, of course!

Thinking fast, our heroes remove the ship’s mirrors and deflect the laser, preventing any further damage to the planet. After deflecting the laser, Captain Wonderful uses his super strength and speed to fill the core’s hole with whatever he can find- minerals, plants, rocks, old sprockets and such.

Afterward, the squad travel through the wormhole. With Captain Wonderful behind the helm, his super fast reflexes successfully dodge the laser that’s now targeting them! Upon their arrival on the other side of the worm hole, our heroes find a warship made of a heated sand-like substance being piloted by 726 Ruffians and Scallywags from planet Noodle. Darn those meddling kids!

Our heroes spot the laser’s source under the ship, which looks like a tank doing a headstand. Captain Wonderful draws their fire as a decoy, while Zetaman and Break take the side car and head over to the laser’s base. In a matter of minutes, they dismantle it. Without their laser, the Noodle-ites find themselves defenseless. They throw a tantrum and mourn the loss of any possible future enjoying snow cones since this was the last mission the Scruffians would let them take. All involved, including the Scruffians, who allowed the building of the laser and the mission to proceed, received heavy fines and were banned from possessing snow cones according to the Galactic Council. Furthermore, the Council forbade the kids from using or making lasers for 10-cycles.

With the Galactic Council as their escort, our heroes return to Zarconia. Shortly after leaving the wormhole, the Galactic Council orders an increase in wormhole security on both sides. Shortly after touching down one of the floating landing pads, the Galactic Council presents the heroes with certificates of praise.

The heroes return home, and celebrate by enjoying a few snow cones.


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