The Case of the Green Giggles!

Mayday! Mayday! There’s an outbreak on planet Stardust causing inhabitants to suffer uncontrollable fits of laughter and develop fuzzy green heart-shapes on their faces!

Our heroes get the call. Leo the Lopper Venus-Man, Zetaman, Nurse Awesome, and Break don their hazmat suits before their space craft begins to enter Stardust’s airspace.

Upon exiting the craft, our heroes get straight to work. Leo follows the comings and goings of the locals with the powers in his mindstar. Zetaman focuses on gathering environmental samples. Break and Nurse Awesome go to the hospital that treated the first patients with the symptoms. Nurse Awesome interviews hospital staff, while Break reviews patient records and searches for a pattern- a common link connecting them.

Though all staff and most patients in the hospital were exposed to the same environmental factors, only half developed the shapes and laughter fits. Furthermore, after close observation, a medical assistant discovered that the laughing fits were triggered by the color green!

Nurse Awesome concludes from her interviews and reviewing results from the hospital’s lab tests that an airborne virus is causing the symptoms.

After reporting this finding to Zetaman, he informed the Squad that the vegetation sampled by contained a high concentration of tetraflorachocolate isotopes, and that the air samples taken from above plant patches were free of the virus, while samples taken above areas without plants were rampant with the virus- now commonly referred to as the Green Giggles.

Break and Leo compare data collected from the medical records and the observations of the locals. They are able to determine that those with physical symptoms eat fewer plants than their more herbivorous neighbors. Unfortunately, plant life is severely limited on Stardust, so our heroes must grow more!

Zetaman and Break head out to gather young plants, while Nurse Awesome develops a super growth serum in the Squad for Good’s remote lab. Leo seems to have disappeared for the moment.

After determining her serum works, our heroes contact Constructosings- who they know were hit by the galactic depression and are now without jobs- to set up greenhouses several stories tall. The Custructosings are super-speedy construction workers from the Constructos quadrant of the galaxy.

With the greenhouses constructed and the serum applied, our heroes are able to gather an abundance of the bright blue plants and with the help of the hospital’s baker, bake five hundred cupcakes and deliver them to the otherwise non-plant eating patients, whose stomach muscles are taking a break from the laughter in the hospital’s lobby, which lacks any shade of green.

With the population cured of their shapes and laughter, our heroes turn to finding the source of the virus.

Leo was chasing a squirrel when he noticed a vast amount of red algae on the sea shore and called Zetaman to gather a sample for Nurse Awesome to test. Nurse Awesome found an element not native to the planet. Water samples showed high contamination of the element. Lab tests revealed the element transforms into a very light gas when the sea water evaporates.

After reviewing the logs from visiting ships, the heroes notice one was absent from the cargo search roster. The locate the visitors and search through their luggage. Nurse Awesome finds contraband! An exotic herbal hair gel from planet Dello was in the possession of one of the male passengers. The trouble causing element is listed in the top three active ingredients on the gel’s label.

When the visitor washed his hair, the gel was washed into the water supply. Since the water’s filtration system is not equipped to filter out the element, it was able to enter and contaminate the sea.

The culprit is arrested by local authorities, who transfer custody of him to the Squad for Good, who deliver him to serve a 20-moon sentence in solitary confinement on the prison planet!

After dropping off the prisoner, the heroes celebrate a job well done by eating a huge, bright blue salad!


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