Seeking Pen pals for Random Acts of Support and Compassion

On 10/20/2011, Shadow Man and Break combined their efforts for nearly 1.25 hours to craft
three handmade postcards. Each contains a note reaching out to kids in hopes of helping without being overbearing.

Shadow Man knows how it feels to feel like no one cares, or they do but with many strings and conditions attached, to be bullied. He extends his hand to participants in SMYRC’s program in friendship and support, opening the door for ongoing communication, a show of support and compassion.

As Transformers once taught us, “Give everyone a chance. There’s more to them than meets the eye.” (Transformers, 2007)

There was a card with a foggy Western scene of a buffalo drinking from a river that flips over to reveal a waterfall, flowing into green water and surrounded by trees. On the back the following message:

“You must look into other people as well as at them.” Lord Chesterfield
It’s unfortunate and painful when others forget that people are more than their appearances. Life has taught me that there are times when we feel that no one really cares about us as individuals, that the only things that matter are clothes or other store bought things. However, what really matters is that people have someone who loves, understands, and supports them unconditionally.
While I don’t know you, I want to extend my hand to you in the spirit of support and compassion. The best way I know how to do this is exchanging letters with you. I hope to provide you with a non-judgmental outlet for expressing yourself.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
-Shadow Man

On a card featuring a tropical beach on the front. The back bears the following message:

I want you to know that you are cared about, though you may not feel it right now. Please feel free to write me about how you feel, and know that I only to show you non-judgmental friendship and support.
-Shadow Man

On the third card, featuring blue flowers, he writes:

I want to reach out to you with understanding, support, and caring by becoming pen pals.
Please write back.
Shadow Man

Even if Shadow Man’s messages receive no response, we hope that they shed some glimpse of light into an otherwise dreary experience of our local troubled youth.

Until next time, remember to wash your hands and



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2 responses to “Seeking Pen pals for Random Acts of Support and Compassion

  1. Thats true shadow man and this exprience happened to me when i requested my church pastor to support my music ministry with a piano and said can’t support yet changes vechicles just like clothings! I had wanted to play that keyboard while singing to homeless kid coz i want to give them hope through loving music! Up to now l’ve not got a piano ,therefore been singing to homeless without any musical instrument to accompany me not because that i dön’t need it but can’t afford!
    Am glad in world there is still real people like u shadow man!
    God bless u
    pianist isaac,kampala,uganda,eastafrica !

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