A short while ago, a guy served by the Macdonald Center I.L.S. program and I conversed about the super hero archetype and how the lives of those served by our program parallel even the archetype’s definition found in tales such as Homer’s Odyssey. The hero leaves home (either physically or departs from the norm), goes through hell (mental illness/ addiction), fights a god (themselves), and in the end goes home (find a community- our lobby- where they are accepted).

During this conversation, he asked what my favorite super hero movie is. Not being one for typical super hero tales, for some reason I said Patch Adams.

While I don’t know why I said it at the time, I know he is a real, inspiring person. Today, I figured out why. There is a scene when Patch’s roommate approaches Patch distraught. He (the roommate) talks about how he can out diagnose and treat every doctor in the hospital, but he can’t get a patient to eat. He appeals to Patch’s ability to address the emotional needs of patients during their treatment, Patch’s drive to address the whole patient and not just their symptoms.
Patch’s ability to connect with others, help them meet the basic needs while holding their emotional needs sacred and addressing them accordingly makes him a super hero to me.
Who is your favorite non-super-human super hero?


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