You Are A Community of Rock Stars!

Without the willingness of community members in the larger Portland community showing nearly the level of excitement for these workshops as I experience hosting them, there is chance I would have walked away before ever trying. Were that the case, Captain Wonderful, Ismo, MovqsgBlfIm, Nurse Awesome, Rose, Shadow Man, Skipinated, Snoopy, Tone, Bullet Brain, Leo the Lopper-Venusman, Mack O’roni Donovan Loc, Ms. Brat, Way Show-er Descended, Master of Light , and Johnny Drifter may not be realized.
So, it is with a truly happy heart that I extend a special thanks to and for those who have encouraged, and at the very least tolerated, my inquires during the planning stages for the workshop in 2010.

Even our non-comic minded staff at the Macdonald Center, embrace the benefits of the Discovering Empowerment Through Creativity workshops. One of whom, submitted an article to the Oregonian! Also, a founding board member, Tom DeJardin, retired on July 27th, 2011, but he is excited to join us in September to lend his artistic talents drawing our beloved heroes. Most of our workshops have involved communicating through words, and I’m super excited to see how Tom will translate those words into pictures.

Since the first workshop in February, 2011, we have avoided the dreaded curse of building participant interest from despondence and reluctance. Even then, while I was hopeful, the participants commented they thought I was losing my marbles when I presented the idea they can indeed be super heroes and that I jumped further off the deep end when I presented their first mission. Luckily, the intrigue and presentation won them over. In the past five months, the Squad for Good continues our exciting path of self discovery through workshops, efforts to develop a mission statement, and starting August 4th we begin the Campaign of Kindness.

So, once again, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your ideas and encouragement. I look forward to continuing working with you, working with more of you in the future, and sharing more amazing stories with you as the workshops progress.

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