Campaign of Kindness, an Active Mission Statement

During today’s workshop, the Squad for Good outlined their priorities. In no particular order and without fine tuning the language, they are:

1. Share our stories so that others don’t feel alone
2. Help tear down barriers
3. Be a catalyst for spiritual change
4. Show people their disabilities aren’t their fault.
5. Promote healthier habits
6. Live by example- Teach others to make the right choices
7. Listen to people’s wants and needs

We discussed that one way to satisfy many of these priorities is to participate in the Campaign of Kindness, a campaign to share random acts of kindness with anyone in hopes that act starts an ever-growing ripple of community building kindness. The Squad then brainstormed ideas of various acts we can do as a group or individually. In the next few weeks, we will have cards to hand out identifying us as Squad for Good members and encouraging the recipient of our kind deeds to commit their own random act of kindness!

With that in mind, we are looking for more ideas. What can a stranger do to make your day? Compliment you, let you go first on the bus, hold the door open for you, anything else?

Looking forward to your comments,


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