A Journey of Self Discovery- Shadow Man and Rose

Shadow Man and Rose, two community-focused, compassionate heroes, are working to draft their story. Through their shared experiences, they hope to teach others that they are more capable than they first realize and that community support is available for helping during those times or with those insurmountable tasks.

At first, since the duo departed their previous program of around 20 years on rocky terms, Rose was hesitant to trust in the help offered by the new program. However, within a few weeks, an inner peace filled Rose. She attributes her peace-of-mind to truly believing she can trust the staff running the ILS program to support her emotionally, while also meeting the duo’s more earthly needs. Furthermore, she and Shadow Man felt completely accepted at the new program! After a few months of participating in the newly joined program, Shadow Man also experienced that sense of peace.

To continue reading what’s captured of their growth thus far, click here.

Until next time kids, remember to hug a stranger daily!

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