New names, first names, and Zetaman retires

Just before our seventh workshop, Zetaman shared that his hero retired. It seems that some people decided to harrass his family, girlfriend, and himself because of his character. His experience revealed the real obstacles that people, who fail to fit into society’s mold of mundane homogeny, face on a daily basis. A lesson that all workshop participants know too well. Unfortunately, their qualities that prevent them from conforming to that mold is not a costume, can’t be removed, and can’t be concealed. While he plans to continue to do good deeds, we are sad that the villains won. He will always be welcome as Zetaman in our lobby.

After hearing his tale, two attendees proposed questions for the Real Life Super Heroes. Each found a particular hero with whom they identified based on past hobbies or how the hero was living his individual mission.

Then, Shadow Man named the group of heroes Squad for Good to reflect their overall mission and solidify their community as a cohesive force. After realizing that the name of the workshop left out some of the larger community members, he re-christened the workshops “Discovering Empowerment Through Creativity.” The new name serves as a welcome mat for all ILS Members, who wish to participate without identifying themselves as a super hero.

If you would like to know more about Shadow Man than is available on the SfG page, you can read his origin story here.

As always, for more details on this workshop and all of the other workshops, check out the Workshops page.


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2 responses to “New names, first names, and Zetaman retires

  1. Zetaman is a personal friend of mine, and my mentor in many ways. Because of him, many people have gone on to do many great things for communities all over America, and other parts of the world. He may have retired, but his legacy lives on in the many lives he has touched these last few years.

    • Retirement doesn’t put an end to his good deeds. He’s still volunteering his time and energy with the Squad for Good and continues to touch the lives of others! We’re very proud to have him, and look forward to each of his visits.

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