Building a Community of Heroes

After a fun-but-exhausting workshop #6, Zetaman and I brainstormed new ways to engage the workshop participants. One of our goals was to find ways we can help those participants, who are having a very difficult time accessing their imagination, while also focusing on community. He volunteered to contact other Real Life Super Heroes, and ask if anyone was interested in answering “Dear Hero” questions, being pen-pals, or donating a signed headshot.

Their response is absolutely heartwarming.

Peter Tangen offered to donate his talents by sending the files of the photos he’s taken of the heroes to any of them wanting to send autographed portraits or posters so they can make prints!

And, so far, the following NINE heroes accepted the mission!

Hopefully, by communicating with a real, accessible, diverse group of heroes, imaginations will bloom and community bonds will work together tearing down the internalized stigma holding the participants hostage like Princess Peach.


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